Three great ideas when you remarry

If you’re getting married for a second, third, fourth, or even fifth time, you may not want to go down the route of the traditional white wedding. Here are a few ideas to make your big day perfect:

1. Family

If your first spouse has passed away, you may want to honour them during your wedding ceremony. A poem or a reading remembering your first husband or wife showing they are remembered fondly is not uncommon. Don’t be afraid to include your previous in-laws into the ceremony. You may still have ties with your extended family, so it’s a nice touch to give wider family members significant roles in your big day. If you or your new spouse have children from first marriages, they might like to be flower girls or page boys.

2. Outfit

If the idea of a big white wedding dress doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to wear a different coloured dress, a smart skirt and blouse, or a trouser suit. Alternatively feel free to go for a white gown if you want to; it’s your choice.

3. Ceremony

If you’ve already walked down the aisle the first time round and fancy something different for your second marriage, you might like to consider an outdoor wedding instead. Getting married by a lake or under a gazebo can make a beautiful alternative to an indoor ceremony, and it will make your new marriage memorable for all the right reasons.

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