Three cream-of-the-crop wedding ideas

If money is no object and you’re in search of the wedding to end all weddings, there are a number of options you can include in your big day that will make heads turn.

1. Cake

Head over to Cake Chester in Cheshire if you’re want to order the ultimate wedding cake. In 2013, the owners designed and created the world’s most expensive wedding cake for the National Gay Wedding Show, complete with over 4,000 diamonds and eight tiers. If you’d like them to recreate this lavish dessert for your own wedding, it will set you back a mere £32.5 million pounds.

2. Ring

The owner of the most expensive engagement ring ever to have been made was actress Elizabeth Taylor. Her impressive ring cost over $8.8m (£7.2 million pounds). Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to replicate this ring, as it features the largest privately owned gem in existence, an enormous 33.19-carat diamond.

Diamonds are definitely the pinnacle of the expensive rings though, and a more moderately sized jewel will set you back several million, such as Paris Hilton’s $4.7m 24-carat diamond solitaire.

3. Flowers

The Cullinan by Endura Roses is the most expensive bouquet of flowers ever created. This £20,000 piece consists of over 100 roses, including some of the rarest in the world, encased in gold with hidden Cullinan diamonds, all sprinkled with diamond dust. It would serve as a stunning centrepiece arrangement at a lavish wedding.

As one of the top luxury wedding venues in Cheshire, Delamere Manor’s wedding planning team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas. Give us a call today.

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