Three completely different wedding dances

Dancing and weddings go together hand in hand. The style of dancing at your wedding depends on your personal taste, and what sort of theme your wedding revolves around.

Let’s examine three entirely different types of dancing you may wish to incorporate into your special day.

1. Ballroom dancing

If you’re planning a traditional wedding, classic ballroom dances might be best suited for your reception. You can’t go wrong with a graceful waltz or a sexy tango for stunning visual effect when it comes to your first dance.

Unless you are already very familiar with ballroom dancing, you may wish to take some lessons before the big day if you wish to perfect your routine.

2. Choreographed surprise dances

Unlike traditional first dances, the recent trend of upbeat choreographed surprise dances has gone viral on social media.

The idea behind these dances is that most of the guests are unaware that the bridal couple, or members of the bridal party, have been rehearsing for weeks to surprise everyone with a perfectly executed dance, complete with energetic kicks, spins, and movements.

3. Disco medley

If you don’t want the effort of having to take dancing lessons to learn the foxtrot, nor do you fancy rehearsing a complex surprise dance, you may wish to opt for a more laid back DJ-led disco. A medley of hits themed around love or romance with no set dancing style means that your guests can join in.

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