Three checklist must-haves for any wedding

We all know that the list of things to remember and plan for a wedding is lengthy. It’s doubtful that any couple would forget the main ingredients, such the car, the rings, or the dress. Sometimes though, it’s easy to overlook the little things when there’s so much to keep track of.

Here are three of the smaller must-haves to include on your big day.

1. Confetti

Whilst it’s not usually the role of the couple to remember the confetti, you might want to remind your friends and family to make sure they prepare. It would be very disappointing to discover that nobody in your wedding party remembered to bring any.

If you prefer not to use paper confetti, some lovely alternatives are rice, flower petals or even soap bubbles.

2. Bridal party gifts

Of course you’re grateful to your bridesmaids and groomsmen for playing key roles during your wedding, but just to make sure you are able to thank them officially on the big day, don’t forget to jot some gift ideas down on your checklist. Personalised photo frames, chocolates, or a classy notebook will certainly be appreciated.

3. A video camera

Most couples remember to book a professional photographer, but many choose not to hire a professional videographer. Even if you prefer more candid film footage of your big day, make sure at least one of your friends or relatives remembers to bring a camcorder.

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