Three amazing wedding record breakers

Did you know that sometimes weddings make it into the Guinness Book of World Records? Here are some eye opening wedding-related recordbreaking facts you may not have heard of.

1. Oldest couple

In 2015, a couple from Eastbourne in East Sussex became the oldest couple to marry, with their combined ages totalling a whopping 194 years and 280 days. RAF veteran George Kirby and his wife Doreen were born in 1912 and 1923 respectively at the time of their wedding.

2. Largest gathering of people dressed as brides

Spain played host to the record for the largest gathering of people dressed as brides in June 2019, when a staggering 1,347 women with bridal gowns conglomerated in the town of Petrer. Unlike a previous similar Chinese record in 2016 of the largest gathering of brides, the Spanish record did not stipulate that the women had to be brides-to-be, and instead consisted of a mixture of single, married, and even divorced women.

3. Largest multi-location vow renewal

In February this year, aboard the Regal Princess, Royal Princess, and Crown Princess cruise ships, 1,443 couples simultaneously renewed their vows and broke a new world record in the process. Each vow renewal was officiated by the captain of each ship.

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