Three alternative wedding favour suggestions

Wedding favours are traditionally gifts given by the bride and groom to their guests. At one time, they were usually sweets, but modern wedding favours can take a wide variety of forms, and are not just limited to confectionery. Wedding favours are not obligatory, but they’re a nice touch to any wedding.

If you’re planning your big day, here are a few suggestions you might like to consider for your wedding favours.

1. Seeds

Personalised seed packets have grown in popularity and can range from sweet peas to wildflowers and more. Many people like the idea of seeds as a symbol of growth and new life, and enjoy encouraging bees and butterflies to enter a garden – perfect for environmentally conscious guests.

2. Paper fans

For summer weddings, providing paper fans for your guests makes for a pretty and practical wedding favour. Not only will the wedding attendees have a way of keeping cool if the ceremony or reception rooms are rather warm, but they will also look beautiful in outdoor photographs.

3. Favour cakes

Popular in Italy, favour cakes stem back to the traditional sweet style of wedding favours, but this time in the form of small carton boxes containing sugared almonds. The cartons themselves are arranged in a circle to form an attractive “cake” shape.

Whatever your decision on wedding favours, give us a call at Delamere Manor. We’re one of the top party venues in Cheshire, so our wedding planning team is always on hand to help you decide on the details of your perfect wedding.

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