Three alternative wedding cake topper ideas

The traditional cake topper featuring bride and groom figurines is elegant and customary, but not always to everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for a wedding cake topper with a difference, here are a few beautiful alternatives you might like to consider:

1. Names, initials and titles

A touching way to start your life together is with a cake topper that jointly incorporates your names. ‘Mr. & Mrs. Brown’, or even just ‘The Browns’, are perfect toppers to celebrate couple now sharing the same surname. A simple topper of your first name initials, such as ‘P & N’, is a short and sweet cake topper with a more casual vibe. A topper displaying just ‘Mr & Mrs’ avoids names altogether, yet runs along the same theme.

2. Animals

If your pets play a big part in your life, or if you are both animal lovers, incorporating animals or their silhouettes into your cake toppers will give your special centrepiece a cute and whimsical touch. From a pair of glittery penguins to golden kissing fish, the possibilities are endless.

3. Abstract

You might be looking for a more general design than your names or animals, so an attractive bunting cake topper, some delicate sparklers, a floral garland or a celestial wooden moon and stars may better suit your wedding theme.

Selecting the perfect wedding cake and topper will sweeten your special day. To book your wedding and chat about all aspects of your preparations, give us a call at Delamere Manor, one of the leading wedding venues in Cheshire.

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