The Pros and Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend


Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life, but what if you could turn that day into an entire weekend? Wedding weekends have become increasingly popular with couples to-be, but many are still struggling to understand whether this is a trend they should be jumping onboard with. The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together a round-up of pros and cons to a wedding weekend, helping you make the best decision for you and your partner…





More Time with Your Loved Ones

If you and your partner, like many other brides and grooms, don’t get to spend much time with your nearest and dearest, then hosting a wedding weekend is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together. Wedding days are known to be over in a flash, so hosting a wedding weekend allows you to enjoy the celebrations with your close friends and family for just that little bit longer. 



Allows you to Make your Celebrations More Personal

Expanding your celebrations over a weekend allows you to include a range of events and activities that reflect who you are as a couple. If you enjoy playing golf, arrange a golf and spa day! If you enjoy cooking and dining, maybe organise a cookout or visit a local vineyard! Including your friends and family in the hobbies you enjoy as a couple gives them that little extra insight into your relationship.



Less Planning for Guests

Having scheduled events and by booking a location for an entire weekend, your guests will not need to worry about planning travel or booking hotels near your wedding venue for a one-night affair. We recommend trying to book a hotel that can accommodate all ensuring everyone feels included and special for your big day.






Hosting a wedding weekend filled with events and activities to keep yourself and guests entertained will obviously come at a higher cost. You’ll likely need to source venues, such as hotels, restaurants, and bars, along with other locations you would like to include in your celebrations. A good way to keep costs low is by keeping your guestlist smaller.   



Some Guests Won’t Be Able to Attend

If your wedding celebrations are going to be taking place over an entire weekend, it is  likely that some guests won’t be able to attend. With the issues of getting holidays confirmed at work, childcare, and costs, it is likely some guests will still only be able to attend for one day. If you’re set on having a wedding weekend, consider having the events on a “come and go as you please” basis, allowing guests to not feel obliged to attend the whole weekend. 



No Time to Relax

Although you can include spa sessions and beach days, playing host to a large number of guests over an entire weekend can be a stressful process, which doesn’t leave you with much time to relax. However, a way to solve this issue is by allowing guests some time to themselves by adding free time to the schedule. This will allow you and your partner to relax and enjoy each other’s company as a newly married couple. 


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