The fascinating tradition of wedding bells

Bells and weddings go hand in hand together, and wedding bells are steeped in tradition and superstition, so here are four interesting facts you may not have known about wedding bells and how to incorporate them into your wedding:

1. Associating nuptial celebrations with bells originates from Scottish and Irish Celtic tradition, where church bells were rung to keep evil spirits away, and for the granting of wishes. The ringing of bells at a marriage ceremony was therefore important for the bride and groom who wished to start their new life together with good fortune.

2. If your wedding takes place at a building with no bell tower, it is possible to hire a portable unit of bronze wedding bells to be delivered to your chosen venue. This is the most authentic way to replicate the sound of classic bells, but bear in mind they will need to be connected to an electrical wall socket for power.

3. Small handheld bells can be rung by flower girls instead of having them carry floral bouquets. Children love to make sounds, and the ringing of a bell will be viewed as an important job for your smallest bridal party members.

4. If you’re not keen on the loud sound of real bells, you could incorporate bell symbolism into the design of your wedding invitations, your wedding favours, table decorations, or even the shape of the confetti.

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