The Do’s & Don’ts of Planning a Spring Wedding


So, you’ve selected your wedding date and it falls somewhere within the spring season- now it’s time to get prepping and planning the best celebration for you and your partner. To help you pull together the ultimate spring wedding, the wedding team at Delamere Manor has compiled a guide of their top do’s and don’ts, giving you a head start on your spring wedding planning…



  • Select a Seasonal Venue

A great way to embrace the season is by selecting a seasonal wedding venue. Take advantage of the spring blooms and natural beauty of the outdoors and select a venue with a glorious garden for your wedding photos. Think daffodils, cherry blossoms, and tulips as your backdrop.


  • Pick a Spring Colour Palette

There are many shades which lend themselves to the spring season, meaning you can have a fresh, beautiful colour palette for your spring wedding! Think soft blues, greens, pinks, and whites. 


  • Select Spring Flowers

A great perk to having a spring wedding is the option of spring flowers! With many in bloom, there is a great variety of options available when it comes to selecting your bridal bouquet, centrepieces, and floral décor. We recommend speaking to your flower supplier to ensure you’re getting the best of the season. 



  • Forget Your Guests

Outdoor spring weddings provide a lot of natural beauty, but unfortunately it also sparks a lot of allergies! As many guests may be suffering with hay fever during this time of year, a great option is to provide them with personalised souvenir handkerchiefs to keep them comfortable throughout your ceremony. 

  • Depend on the Weather

You may have sunshine guaranteed for your spring wedding day, but there will also be a high chance of rain! We recommend organising a back-up location or a form of cover for guests just in case the heavens open on your big day. 


  • Leave the Outdoors Outside

Although the outdoors will look glorious for your spring wedding, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an indoor affair! Take spring’s natural décor inside and fill your ceremony and reception with natural spring flowers and herbs. 



Delamere Manor is Cheshire’s most sought-after wedding venue. To find out more, including availability for 2022 weddings, get in touch with the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor on 01606 261361 or email us at [email protected]

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