The Bride’s Survival Kit: What to Include

To avoid any wardrobe mishaps and keep the bride feeling flawless on her wedding day, it’s important for the bridesmaids to pack a bridal survival kit. You won’t need to pack her entire make-up bag but having a little bag of essentials will keep her looking and feeling her very best until the end of the night. The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together a list of their top five essentials that every bride should have to hand during their big day.

1. Tissues

An obvious inclusion which is often forgotten – tissues! This multi-use item is good for everything from lipstick smudges from the first kiss to happy tears during the wedding speeches. Make sure you have a good supply as you never know when you will need one (or two!).  

2. Fragrance

A mini deodorant is always handy to have especially if the bride has opted for a summer wedding. Make sure she’s ready for a night of dancing and include her signature fragrance for regular top ups throughout the day. 

3. Hair Pins

Once the hair stylist has left the building, you’ll be thankful to have these to hand! Make sure you pack enough in case her hair style starts to drop throughout the day. Other great essentials to have are hair ties, a comb and hairspray. 

4. Mini Sewing Kit

In case of a wardrobe mishap, it’s important to include a mini sewing kit in your bridal survival kit. Scissors, needles, thread and safety pins always come in handy in these situations and make sure you pack the correct threads to match the bride’s dress and the bridesmaid dresses too!

5. White Chalk

Food stains, drink spills, fingerprints from small children, soil marks from standing on the grass for the wedding photos…the list goes on! Keeping a white dress pristine at a wedding is a challenge in itself. If something does get on the bride’s wedding dress and there’s no hope of getting the stain out, you can usually cover the stain with a piece of white chalk!


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