The Best TV Wedding Moments of 2021

The pandemic may have postponed filming for our favourite TV shows over the last 12 months, but we still managed to see a few of our beloved characters tie the knot on the small screen. In this blog, the Wedding Team at Delamere rManor evisit five of their most memorable wedding TV moments from the last year, giving you the ultimate inspiration for your big day…


  • Sex Education

Although we didn’t get to see any of the lead characters tie the knot in the latest series of Sex Education, we did get to witness Eric’s personal development as he attends a wedding in Nigeria with his family. During his visit, Eric meets a photographer, Oba, who shows him the underground gay scene of Lagos. From feeling scrutiny of the taxi driver and the dilemma of whether Oba can be trusted, Eric eventually finds himself in the centre of the club’s dancefloor and has an eye-opening experience that prompts him to have a genuine conversation with his mother about his own sacrifice and happiness. 

TV weddingmoment from Sex Eductation on Netflix


  • Grey’s Anatomy

This year, we finally got to witness Teddy & Owen tie the knot in a last-minute ceremony at the Emerald City Bar. After their first attempt in season 16 was upended with that voicemail and their second attempt involved a tandem bike fatality, it’s great to see this couple finally become husband and wife!

TV wedding moment from Grey's Anatomy


  • Dynasty

Filmed at the height of the pandemic, Fallon & Liam’s wedding was eventful to say the least! With an original musical performance from the bride and an unexpected arrival of a knife-wielding stalker, this was an episode not to be missed!

TV wedding moment from Dynasty


  • The Resident

Although their relationship ended on a rather tragic note, Conrad and Nic actually started 2021 with a rather beautiful wedding! The outdoor ceremony was a grand celebration of not only the character’s love, but it was also a memorial for loved ones they’d lost during COVID-19. 

TV wedding moment from The Resident


  • Supergirl

In season 6 of Supergirl, Alex and Kelly had a stunning ceremony which was officiated by their close friend, J’onn J’onnz. The ceremony was followed by a fun reception, where we got to see all our favourite heroes bust a move on the dancefloor. 

TV wedding moment from Supergirls


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