Suggestions for a first dance with a difference

One of the key items on your wedding planning list is bound to be your first dance. If originality is going to play a key part in your wedding, here are a few unique first dance ideas for you to consider:

Surprise dance

If you’re really wanting to make an impact on your guests, a surprise first dance is the way to go. Imagine how astonished your nearest and dearest will be when you start your first dance very traditionally, and then launch into a different song with a perfectly choreographed dance performance. Nobody will be expecting such a stunning performance, and it’s sure to be something to remember.

Lively dance

First dances needn’t be slow if that’s not really your vibe. If you prefer a more upbeat tune, rock out for your first dance to something more alternative. There are plenty of metal songs with appropriate lyrics, such as “Love Walked In” by Thunder. A bouncy beat is perfect for a feel-good theme, and you can invite your guests to join you on the dance floor midway through the song for an energetic party atmosphere.


If you really want to do something different, instead of a first dance, how about a first song? You and your new bride or groom could pre-rehearse a duet and sing a romantic ballad together, inviting your guests to dance as you provide the vocals. Make sure the band knows your plans in advance.

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