Stunning Allergy-friendly Flowers for your Wedding


Are you or your partner prone to allergies? No need to panic! The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor has pulled together a handy guide on the most hypoallergenic flowers, keeping the sneezes at bay for you and your guests throughout your nuptials… 


  • Hydrangeas

Available in a variety of colours to suit all wedding themes, hydrangeas are a low-pollen flower, making them ideal for every wedding flower arrangement. Large in size, these flowers are an ideal choice if you’re planning on making a floral display. Think flower arches, table runners, installation walls and hanging displays, 


  • Cacti and Succulents

If you’re sensitive to floral scents and pollen, then opt for something different with a cacti and succulent arrangement. Featuring muted tones of sage, cream, green and pink, this flower choice will not only look unique for the flower bouquets, but they will make a great statement for your wedding table décor too! 


  • Peonies

Lucky for us, one of the most romantic and attractive flowers available for weddings is super hypoallergenic too! These large blooms will take up plenty of space in your flower arrangements, making them a great focal point for centrepieces. Make sure to match each shade to suit your wedding theme too. 


  • Orchids

Perfect for a summer wedding, orchids are an exotic and tropical flower which are also remarkably low in pollen. The orchid family consists of over 25,000 species, giving you a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes to choose from. 


  • Roses

Not only is the classic rose the floral symbol of love, but they are allergy-friendly too! These beautiful flowers are self-pollinating, meaning they release seductive scents without emitting airborne pollen. Select a colour that sets the tone for your wedding celebrations whilst complimenting your overall theme. 



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