Spanish weddings and their traditions

Olé! If you have Spanish heritage in your lineage, or if you are marrying into a Spanish family, you may like to tip your hat to the Castilian traditions surrounding marriages.

Catholicism is the primary religion of Spain, so Spanish weddings are customarily seen as sacraments, which are particularly holy celebrations. Aside from the religious traditions, here are a few other interesting customs you may like to incorporate into your special day:

1. Spanish weddings are very lengthy, and often last until significantly past midnight and into the early hours of the morning. Choosing a wedding venue with overnight accommodation, so you can continue partying to your heart’s content, is ideal for a Spanish fiesta reception.

2. If you want to include an older Spanish custom into your wedding, have the close friends of the couple cut the groom’s tie and bride’s wedding garter into pieces during the reception. The pieces can then be sold to the event guests, and the money gifted to the couple during the night.

3. Speaking of close friends of the couple, there are no bridesmaids or groomsmen at traditional Spanish weddings – sorry, ladies and gentlemen! There are chosen godparents though, so your cherished amigos can still play a part in the ceremony.

4. A large sword is used to cut the wedding cake at Spanish weddings, which makes for a fun alternative to a standard dessert knife!

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