Smooth planning tips for a wedding rehearsal

If you’re having a large wedding, or you just don’t want to leave anything to chance, you might opt for a practice run-through to ensure everything flows smoothly. Here are some things to remember for your wedding rehearsal:


Plan out in advance where everyone will be seated or standing on the big day, and pre-prepare copies of the diagram for everyone to follow during the rehearsal. You don’t want people waving pieces of paper during the wedding itself, nor do you want any confusion as people scuttle around from one side of the venue to the other getting into their correct places, so a carefully drawn diagram for the rehearsal will help everyone to conform to your desired layout.

Practice makes perfect

Run through the entrance and exit procession a few times to ensure everyone is comfortable with the walking pace and what they are supposed to be doing. Photographs will look best if there are 20 foot gaps between people as they exit the venue. Make sure nobody steps on the bride’s train!

Little details

Don’t forget about the little things when you’re running through the wedding rehearsal. Make sure the bridesmaids know what height to hold their bouquets, the flower girls know when to scatter their petals, and the groomsmen are coordinated with how they clasp their hands.

When holding your wedding at Delamere Manor, one of the leading Northwich wedding venues, you can incorporate a wedding rehearsal into your plans. Give us a call today to discuss the preparations for your big day.

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