Six Bonuses to Having a Winter Wedding

Have you ever considered a winter wedding for your big day? 

If you’re planning a wedding, many couples choose to tie the knot during the warmer months in spring or summer, but there are quite a few advantages to having a winter celebration instead. Below, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together a list of six benefits to getting being married in winter…


1. Romantic Setting

Winter is not just a festive time of year, but it’s beautiful for photo opportunities too! From blankets of snow for a backdrop to frost dusted in the trees, winter offers plenty of opportunities for stunning wedding photography.


2. More Time for Summer Holidays

Many families go on holiday during the spring and summer months to work around school term time. Opting for a winter wedding date will not only avoid date clashes, but it will also give you and your guests the chance to get the best holiday deals too!


3. Better Rates and More Dates!

Are you a couple on a budget? Many venues and suppliers offer winter deals or are willing to negotiate prices due to the colder months being a quieter time of year for bookings. You can save a lot of cash and have the wedding of your dreams- it’s a win, win!


4. Too Cold over Too Hot

Some people really don’t deal well with the heat. Not only does it make some guests irritable, but it can also have an effect on the married couple-to-be too. When it comes to the weather, it’s always easier to add layers to shelter from the cold rather than trying to keep your guests cool. Think cosy blankets, camp fires and warming beverages such as mulled wine and hot chocolate. 


5. No Competition

Have your heart set on a particular venue or supplier? Winter weddings are far less common with couples, which means you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to booking your dream wedding. Less competition means more freedom in your wedding plans and you’re more likely to get the date you wish to book too!


6. Winter Décor & Decorations

Winter has so many beautiful and fun themes that you can tap into for your wedding celebrations. From snowflakes and pine cones to cinnamon sticks and winter fruits, couples can not only set the scene with the snow, but they can also continue with the theme and create a cosy yet elegant winter affair. 



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