Should You Have a Familymoon? Our Top Ideas for Parents


With many couples having children before they choose to tie the knot, it’s no wonder familymoons have become increasing popular over the years. With so many once-in-a-lifetime family experiences available, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have rounded up their top ideas for parents and why you should consider a familymoon after you wed…


  • No Childcare Worries

The biggest worry for when you go away on your honeymoon is who is going to look after the children whilst you’re away – with a familymoon, there’s no need to worry! With so many destinations offering activities for kids and childcare, you won’t just be able to enjoy the holiday as a family, but you will also get to spend some alone time as a newly married couple too. You also won’t need to worry about them whilst you’re away, giving you more time to relax.


  • No One Misses Out

When you mention a holiday, your kids are likely going to feel upset that you’ll be going away without them. Planning a familymoon will ensure no one feels left out and you can fill it with all kinds of activities the whole family will enjoy.


  • Creates Memories

Your honeymoon is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, so a familymoon shouldn’t be any different! Book something special that will provide you with precious memories for years to come.


  • Helps the Family Blending Process

If by getting married you’re bringing two families together, a familymoon provides a great opportunity for the children from either side to get to know one another in a fun, peaceful environment, which can help speed up the bonding process. Make sure to include activities to suit each child’s interests too.


If you decide a familymoon is best for you, a mix of fun, adventure and relaxation makes the perfect combination for a trip. Here are our top familymoon ideas to inspire you…


  • Disney 

Whether it’s Disney World or Disneyland, this trip is suitable for all ages and will provide you and your family with magical memories. Enjoy the rollercoasters, water parks, exciting shows and make time for some romance with a romantic dinner too.


  • Safari

Whether the appeal of a safari revolves around the wonders of wildlife such as the Great Migration or the Big Five, or you would just like to provide the family with a trip of a lifetime, a safari holiday provides you with endless activities and experiences that you and your family will never forget. From walking safaris and camping safaris, to photography sessions and hot air balloon flights, the possibilities are endless.


  • Cruise

Enjoy a range of fun experiences including water slides, spas, swimming pools and nightly entertainment, while visiting some incredible places too. Check out operators including Royal Caribbean and Virgin Voyages for some itinerary inspo!



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