Should you have a Bridal Shower?


As a popular pre-wedding event, bridal showers can be both very exciting and daunting to plan for. From figuring out who should be doing the planning, to finding the perfect location and activities for guests to enjoy, the event can become a little too overwhelming, and it’s easily forgotten that it’s supposed to be a fun way for the bride to celebrate her upcoming wedding with close family and friends. If you’re not sure as to whether you should have a bridal shower, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor has pulled together a quick guide, providing you with the ins and outs on what to expect so you can make a decision that is right for you…    


  • What happens at a Bridal Shower?

The general outline to every bridal shower includes food, drinks, and gifts for the bride, ready to open around her guests. But remember, you can stick to bridal shower traditions or change things up to suit you. If you’d like to add some fun games in, go for it! Or if you don’t like the idea of opening all your gifts in front of your guests, then speak up! The bridal shower is supposed to be an event both the bride and her guests enjoy, so it’s important everyone feels comfortable on the day. 


  • When should you have a Bridal Shower?

Traditionally, the bridal shower is hosted two – six months before the wedding and generally takes place before the hen party. It’s important to select a date that is convenient for both the bride and her guests, so we recommend setting up a group chat to ensure you can find a date to suit all.


  • Who plans the Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower is most-commonly planned by the bridal party including the maid of honour and the bridesmaids. However, it’s totally acceptable to assign another close friend or family member to plan this event if you choose. 


  • Who should you invite to a Bridal Shower?

The guest list for a bridal shower should be limited to close friends and family. It’s also a great opportunity to invite parents and grandparents, giving them the time to celebrate your upcoming wedding without attending your hen party, leaving the late-night partying to you and your bride squad!


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