Should I postpone my wedding because of Covid-19?

Brides and Grooms, we’re all going through an unsettling time and there’s unfortunately very little we can control right now, but there is a lot of information we can gather to arm ourselves as best possible once the situation gets a bit clearer.

The news cycle is spinning so fast that it’s not easy to make heads or tails of what to do. At this point we’re looking at each of our upcoming weddings and evaluating on a case-by-case basis. We’re here providing support to all our couples, collecting as much information as we can and updating as the situation changes on a weekly basis.

If you’ve been planning your own wedding and have been in direct contact with your suppliers, I wanted to share some advice on how we’ve gone about things:

1. Review your venue and suppliers postponement and contract policy as stated in their contract. Review your wedding insurance policy (if you have one).

2. Reach out to your venue and suppliers to understand what adjustments are being made to their policy in light of the COVID-19 emergency. If you have a wedding planner, they are here to help facilitate these discussions. Here at Delamere Manor, our standard contract has a penalty clause in the event of a change in date or venue, however given the extraordinary circumstances we are waiving any change fees.

Once you’ve collected the above information:

3. If your wedding is between now and April, you are likely in decision-making mode vs. wait-and-see mode. Time is of the essence, especially if any guests will be travelling, so you may choose to send out communication to your guests without yet having a date rescheduled. That said, if possible, have your new date set before communicating with guests – it will save you a step down the line and will be appreciated by any guests who need to rebook travel!

4. If your wedding is in May or later, we recommend waiting until the middle of April to understand how the situation evolves and reassessing then.

We know this is a stressful moment and it can be difficult to keep emotions at bay. The people surrounding you – your fiancé(e), your wedding party, your family and your key wedding suppliers – are here to support you and guide you and can’t wait to be part of your wedding.

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