Our Top Ideas for an Alternative Wedding that Breaks Traditions


There are many things we expect to see at a UK wedding. From the cake cutting and bouquet toss to the first dance and best man speech- many wedding traditions are ingrained into our culture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up! The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor has pulled together a list of our top fun ways to break traditions, making your wedding day more unique and special for you and your partner…


  • Ditch the Traditional Wedding Attire 

If the pandemic has taught us anything- it’s that comfort is key! Ditch the traditional wedding attire and wear something that is more you. Whether you’d like to wear a different coloured dress, or the groom would prefer to wear something a bit more relaxed, wear something comfortable that you can use for other occasions. 


  • Organise a First Look

Traditionally, the first time you will see each other is as the bride walks down the aisle, but you could create a special alternative to this by planning a first look. Meet your partner in a beautiful setting with your photographer and capture the first time you set eyes on each other before you say, ‘I do’. 


  • Gender-blind Wedding Parties

From Men of Honour to Grooms Girls, include your BFFs in your wedding parties whatever their gender identity. Make sure to apply to the hen and stag parties too!


  • Walk Down the Aisle Together

If you’re not keen on the idea of being ‘given away’, make an entrance together and walk down the aisle with your partner! This is a great option for couples who have been together for a long time as it shows how you are strengthening your partnership.  


  • Keep your Surname

Traditionally, the bride takes her partners name- but this isn’t compulsory! Although a lovely sentiment, the bride may wish to keep her surname which is a great example of a modern approach to marriage. Another great option is for the groom to consider taking the bride’s surname too. 


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