One for the Boys – Groom Trends for 2021/2022

It’s not just the bride who needs to stand out on the big day, the groom needs to look the part too! Make sure you’re dressed to the nines with our round-up of the most upcoming groom trends for 2021/2022, all collated by the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor

1. Handsome in Velvet

It’s all in the fabric for 2021/2022 and most grooms are opting for velvet when it comes to selecting their wedding suits. Available in a wide range of colours, velvet is a beautiful choice for a spring or autumn wedding. Matched with black trousers, a velvet jacket will bring a level of sophistication to the look or if you’d prefer a more subtle approach to the trend, you could always opt for a velvet bow tie instead.

2. It’s All in the Print

Celebrate your personality and show off your individuality by bringing a pattern into your chosen attire. Whether it’s selected accessories or the whole suit, bringing a print into your look will make you and your groomsmen stand out from the guests. Whilst florals, paisley and stripes are on the rise, plaid creates a sharp tailored look and is suitable for all seasons. 

3. Mix and Match

It’s not just the bridesmaids who are choosing to mix up their wedding outfits for 2021 and 2022, the groomsmen have jumped on the trend now too! Let your groomsmen express themselves with different coloured jackets or ties and pocket squares. However, to keep the look in line with your wedding theme, we advise providing them with a colour pallet for cohesion.

4. Accessories – Groom Trends for 2021 !

Whether you’re a traditional groom or an unconventional one, there are many ways to spice up your look with a few accessories. Let your creativity run wild when you’re selecting your suit and try it on with a range of bow ties, cufflinks and lapel pins and see what works best for you! 

5. Duotone

Go for something a little different to the classic tuxedo and select two colours in your suit instead of one! A duotone tuxedo is a classic fashion statement with a modern twist which allows you to mix things up whilst matching with your colour scheme. Black and blue is a must for 2021/2022 whilst white and black creates a retro look for the whole gang. 


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