New year’s resolutions for the start of your married life

After a December or January wedding, it’s the perfect time to reflect on pairing your new year’s resolutions with the new life you have just began embarking on with your true love. Whilst resolutions may be a little superstitious, weddings themselves are steeped in folklore and tradition, so combining the two is the perfect beginning to your happily ever after. Here are a few resolutions for the newly wedded bride or groom:

Less screen time

Most people in this day and age are glued to technology, whether it’s the computer, television or mobile phones. Taking regular breaks from technology to connect with each other is the best way to keep communication constant and to enjoy quality time in a much more meaningful way. Resolve to spend two evenings a week enjoying each other’s company without any tech getting in the way.

Date nights

It can become easy to fall into the rut and humdrum of daily life. Dressing up nicely once a week or fortnight and going out somewhere special together will keep the romance alive, and you won’t fall into the trap of taking each other for granted.

Exercise together

What better start for a new year and a new you than taking up a healthy daily regime? Make a resolution to spend at least half an hour a day exercising together. It’s great for bonding and great for your body – a win-win.

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