Mouthwatering white chocolate wedding treats

Today is White Chocolate Day, a perfect excuse to indulge yourself in this tasty treat. You may not know this, but white chocolate isn’t technically chocolate, as although it contains cocoa butter, it doesn’t actually contain any cocoa solids. It’s a sugary sweet, but also contains a fairly substantial amount of calcium, which is great for your bones and teeth. If you have a sweet tooth, white chocolate can be a great addition to your wedding menu. Here are a few ideas to incorporate it into your big day:

1. White chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate and fruit go hand in hand, and strawberries are the perfect fruit for a wedding as they are heart shaped and symbolic of the Roman goddess of love, Venus. The brilliant red of the berry contrasts beautifully with the creaminess of melted white chocolate – and they’re absolutely delicious.

2. Wedding favours

Sweet treats make great wedding favours, so why not opt for white chocolate? White chocolate fancies, truffles, or even lovebirds wrapped in delicate packaging both looks and tastes great for your guests.

3. Wedding cake

For your pièce de résistance, a wedding cake covered and filled with white chocolate is both mouthwatering and eye-catching, and it makes a great twist on traditional fondant icing.

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