Meet the Team – Q & A with Wedding & Events Manager, Joy Hitchen


Here’s a quick Q&A with our Wedding & Events Manager, giving you the chance to meet a member of our team!


1. When did you join the Delamere Manor team and what’s your background?

I joined the team at Delamere Manor in June 2017, having never worked in the events industry before. The team put a lot of faith in me- prior to working at Delamere Manor I worked as a member of an airline cabin crew for over 20 years.


2. What do you love most about Delamere Manor and working in the wedding industry?

I love working at Delamere Manor purely because of the location/Manor itself- it’s a beautiful place to work. The team we have is small but unique, friendly, and hard-working- we all have different characters but that’s what makes us gel so well. I can’t think of a better industry to work in; seeing someone plan their wedding from start to finish and following their journey is so special. To then actually be with them seeing their dream day come true is amazing. We get to witness the most beautiful wedding dresses, flowers, food & wine and more.


3. What are some of your favourite wedding moments you’ve witnessed during your time at Delamere?

I love the emotion involved – I’m emotional myself which doesn’t help! To see a groom become emotional when he sees his bride walk down the aisle gets me every time. I love the ever-changing fashions and designs of wedding dresses and some of them are spectacular. My other favourite moments have been when animals are part of the day: horses, dogs, reindeers, alpacas – it adds something a little different.


4. Do you have any favourite suppliers?

My favourite supplier is Joseph Massie Flowers- I think they’re so elegant. The designs are always packed, and the arrangements are bursting. Red Floral Architecture never fail to disappoint either, they can be so theatrical- you wonder what’s coming next! 


5. Any unusual or memorable things you’ve seen at weddings at Delamere?

We’ve had guests pinching candles which is quite unusual! Most memorable would have to be black tie weddings, they always make an impact (especially when all the ladies go to town with their wedding guest outfits too!).


6. Do you have a favourite season for weddings?

Spring is my favourite season for weddings, purely because we are quieter during the winter months, so it’s great to get going again when March and April arrive. I also like the spring flower choices and the arrangements that couples have designed.


7. Which 5 wedding Instagrammers would you recommend following for inspo?

Delamere Manor Events, Cheeky Chilli Events for catering ideas, Red Floral Architecture and Boujee Box Weddings for flowers, and Whitehouse_crockery for tableware.


Delamere Manor is Cheshire’s most sought-after wedding venue. To find out more, including availability for 2022 weddings, get in touch with the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor on 01606 261361 or email us at [email protected]

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