Light Up Your Wedding

With so much to plan for the big day, such as the cake, the dress, the food, and entertainment, lighting can appear to be at the bottom of the list.

However, this is a great way to set the mood for your guests, whilst also represent who you are as a couple to the world.

Whether you want to be modern, romantic, edgy, or colourful there’s a wealth of possibilities in how to design your perfect wedding.

As any great photographer will tell you, with the right illuminations and space, you can shine a light on all those little extra details you’ve spent time on, allowing you and the rest of the décor to pop!


Of course, it’s always best to know what type of lighting and decorations suit your style.

Romantic & Classic

As always, the classic look will never go out of style, and many reception venues especially in stately country houses are fitted with crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, or traditional antique wall lights to create an elegant ambience.

Nothing says romance quite like the warmth of candles, serving as both lighting and decorative pieces on each table. For something a little different, use jam jars and tea lights to display a rosy, orange glow.

We like to think that your venue is a blank canvas, and if you’re considering a more contemporary setting, our glass-fronted courtyard venue complete with its very own twinkling canopy is a wide and open space for you to use however you wish.

Modern & Colourful

If you like to be modern with big bold colours that add an element of glamour, without being too ostentatious, colour-wash lighting might be the answer. Choose subtle tones of purple, pink, and blue for a party glow-up, and LED lights or pre-lit tables that highlight everyone’s faces for a bright yet modern feel.

Consider props such as custom signs with the bride and grooms names or initials in lights, creating a Hollywood effect that elevates the happy couple to celebrity status. Illuminate the walls and dance floor with a bespoke gobo effect, or video projection of scenic settings like a picturesque sunset or the calming waves of an ocean.

Fancy an after-party dance? Why not hire our state-of-the-art nightclub for some true party vibes and colour neon lighting to light-up your celebrations!

Natural & Magical

Incorporate the magic of nature into your design by utilising plants, trees, and branches as a base for your lights to wrap around and intertwine with. Flowers and any other floral arrangements will radiate with subtle hints of light dotted around the room.

To end the night on a high, sending lanterns into the starry night sky or handing out sparklers for your guests will add that final touch to your special day.

Delamere Manor offers four exclusive outdoor venues to say ‘I Do’ surrounded by the idyllic Cheshire countryside, wildlife and panoramic views of the gardens.

Find a Pro for the Perfect Glow

Searching for the right lighting specialist can be tricky, especially when it comes to one that matches your budget and wedding venue.

At Delamere Manor, we work with a host of caterers and suppliers who are experts in their fields and are always on hand to make your dreams into a reality.

Luminate Events are one of the UK’s top event management companies. They can help with planning, lighting, audio and all your technical requirements as well as creating special effects to make your celebration stand out from the crowd!

We have worked with them on several occasions, and because of this, they understand what Delamere Manor can offer and do in terms of lighting for each of our venues.

See below examples of their work, and get in touch with us for your next event by filling in the contact form on our website, or call us on 01606 261 361

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