Light and delicious wedding desserts

If a rich and indulgent wedding dessert sounds a little heavy on the stomach, you may be in search of some recipes for lighter sweet treats to finish off your reception meal. Here are a few tasty ideas to include in your menu:


Desserts don’t get much lighter than a fluffy mousse. There are so many flavours to choose from to suit all tastes, including strawberry, chocolate and lemon. Serve in a mini shot glass and top with a small strawberry for a dainty treat.

Ice cream

Ice cream is a firm favourite with all ages, and you can mix up this popular dessert by providing an ice cream sundae station so your guests can self-serve their own cones, sauces and sprinkle toppings.


A refreshing citrus flavoured cheesecake, such as lemon, is a delicious finish for a three-course wedding breakfast. Serve in smaller portions for a lighter bite.


It might seem a little reminiscent of a trip to a fairground, but candyfloss can be both elegant and attractive – the key is in the presentation. Serve this light and airy dessert in a dainty cocktail glass for an adult feel to a childhood favourite.

Mini meringues

Meringues are all the rage at weddings at the moment. Pastel meringue drops, heart-shaped meringue bites and delicate meringue roses will give your wedding buffet a sweet, feminine vibe.

Fruit salad

An all-natural fruit salad is one of the lightest ways to end a wedding meal. An exotic mixture of fruits will add a pop of colour to your reception buffet table, and using locally grown produce is great for an eco-friendly wedding.

Key lime pie

While originally an American dessert, key lime pie has grown in popularity in the UK in recent years. The lightness of the egg white topping contrasts beautifully with the zing from the juice of the key limes – perfect for a summer wedding.


For a frozen treat on a warm day, consider serving a sorbet at your wedding breakfast. For a more adult alternative, try incorporating your favourite tipple, such as a champagne and strawberry variety of sorbet.


Tiramisu is a traditional coffee-flavoured Italian dessert made with mascarpone cheese and layered sponge fingers, which are known as “ladyfingers” due to their size and shape. Despite its light texture, tiramisu has quite a mature flavour, so it’s perfect for an adult-only wedding reception dessert.

Eton mess

With its mixture of strawberries, meringue and whipped cream, Eton mess is the perfect summer dessert for an English wedding. Consider adding a wider variety of summer fruits, such as blackberries and blackcurrants, for an added twist.

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