It’s Almost Festival Season! How to Plan a Festival Themed Wedding


Festival weddings are generally relaxed affairs, with camping, music, and lots of outdoor fun! If the festival theme is something you and your partner are interested in exploring, then we’ve got you covered. The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together the ultimate guide on how to plan a festival wedding, helping you host the ‘wed fest’ of your dreams…


  • Select your Style

Whether it’s whimsical funfair, wacky circus, or Glastonbury glam, there’s a festival theme to suit every couple. Once you’ve decided upon your theme, everything else should fall into place when it comes to your wedding planning including the decorations, entertainment, and venue. For example, if you’ve selected a circus theme, consider a circus ticket for the invitations, a circus tent for the venue, and acrobats as the entertainment. 


  • Ensure your Guests Bring the Essentials

As with every festival, it’s important to pack the essentials! Provide your guests with an easy checklist, listing everything they will need to bring with them to your festival-themed wedding. This could include waterproof clothing and extra layers, suitable footwear and even camping essentials. 


  • Opt For Easy Décor

Festival décor is simple, bright, and most importantly, affordable! Think fairy lights, bunting, bright coloured flags, balloons, and chalkboard signs for your festival celebrations.


  • Festival Food

To ensure your Wed Fest is as authentic as possible, hire some food trucks for your guests to enjoy a variety of festival-themed food at the reception. From wood-fired pizzas and paella to delicious burgers and tacos- the possibilities are endless!


  • Live Music

The most crucial element for a festival wedding is the music. Make sure there is room in your budget for a live band or DJ to keep your guests dancing throughout the evening. If you’ve hired a venue with a tent out in the wilderness, then a bonus to your festival-themed wedding is there will probably be no music curfew, allowing you to party all night long!


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