How to throw a virtual engagement party

Due to current restrictions on gatherings, you may be thinking about the best way to gather your loved ones together for an engagement party without getting together physically. Virtual engagement parties are the way forward, but what’s the best way to throw such an event? Here are a few tips:

Digital platform

You’ll need to use some sort of online conferencing platform, such as Zoom, Skype or HouseParty, if you want to virtually meet up with your friends for your online engagement party. Even WhatsApp has group video calling capabilities, but there’s a mere four-person limit – unlike Zoom, which can handle more guests.

Open gifts

One of the most fun parts of an engagement party is the receiving and opening of gifts. This is still achievable at a virtual engagement party if your guests send you presents in advance. Alternatively, they can wrap them and open them for you on screen, and then give them to you at a later date.

Engagement games

A few games played from the comfort of your own home are great ice breakers at a virtual event. From Charades to Cards Against Humanity, there are a number of fun games to get your guests chatting and the giggles going.


Make sure your guests are aware that there will be toasts, so everyone can prepare a glass to raise at their cameras during the party.

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