How to renew your vows

Not every married couple chooses to renew their vows. It’s not a legal or even religious requirement, and in fact has no legal standing at all, so you don’t need to worry about paperwork.

Despite this, many couples decide it’s the right thing for them to do, and the vow renewal ceremony can be just as beautiful, and in many ways even more memorable, than your wedding day itself.

There are a multitude of reasons why you may wish to renew your vows. Sometimes after a period of turmoil within the marriage, a vow renewal is seen as a way of starting afresh. Some religions frown upon divorce, so a vow renewal is seen as a way of wiping the slate clean and symbolically beginning again with a new life together. Of course, some issues with marriages are beyond repair, but for more minor situations, you may feel it’s possible to work through problems together and then renew your vows to make a change.

Some couples simply like the idea of a vow renewal to reaffirm a commitment to each other, coinciding with a particular anniversary, such as 10th or 25th. It’s a chance to show your family and friends that even after a lengthy time together, your love and devotion to each other is still as strong as it has ever been.

In some instances, a married couple may like the chance to recreate their wedding day, but this time including their children in the ceremony as flower girls or page boys.

When it comes to a renewal of vows, you can be as creative as your budget allows. You might like to model your big day on your original wedding day, with the same outfits, flowers, car, and decorations. Alternatively you could make your vow renewal entirely different to your original big day. Perhaps you now have a bigger budget, and you want to splurge on your dream day with plans that you couldn’t incorporate several years ago. Maybe you did have the ideal big white wedding, and now you fancy a themed vow renewal, such as a lavish medieval banquet-style affair complete with colourful velvet robes and a spit roasted hog.

Whatever your reason for wanting a vow renewal, Delamere Manor is your best choice for manor house weddings in Cheshire, and we will be able to help you plan every part of this special day.

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