How to plan your Delamere Manor wedding

If you’re considering holding your wedding at Delamere Manor, your special day will take place at one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Cheshire. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so choosing a venue is a great start, but now it’s time to focus on how to plan the rest of your wedding. Here are a few steps to work through as you embark on your wedding preparation journey:

Visit the venue

You can’t fully appreciate the sheer beauty of Delamere Manor and the vast scope of its luxury grounds and tastefully styled interior without visiting the venue itself. If an in-person visit is not possible, you can take a virtual tour online. Be sure to check out the stunning en-suite bedrooms as well. Delamere Manor can cater for up to 12 guests, so if you’re expecting friends and relatives who live further afield, they may wish to spend the night on-site prior to the wedding.

Book the date

It’s no surprise that Delamere Manor is highly sought after, so getting your date secured early is a priority. The summer months, as well as the beginning of September, are always popular for weddings, no doubt due to the promise of fine weather. However, if you’re open to an out-of-season ceremony, Delamere Manor’s rolling countryside scenery lends itself beautifully to picturesque snowy wedding scenes. With the beautiful open fireplace inside the sumptuous dining room, you’re guaranteed a cosy atmosphere, even when the temperature outside drops.

Consult the Delamere Manor team

With the date booked, you can concentrate on the finer details. Delamere Manor’s expert wedding planning team has years of experience when it comes to ensuring your big day is everything you ever dreamed of. Our team members can point you in the right direction for wedding suppliers and vendors, and can offer advice on everything from floral arrangements and room layout to outdoor decor.

Special requirements

Delamere Manor is an all-inclusive venue, so if you or any of your guests have mobility disabilities, food allergies, sight or hearing difficulties, sensory sensitivities or any other requirements that need to be addressed prior to the wedding, our team will be happy to provide solutions to accommodate all needs.

Wedding planner

If you’ve decided to leave the heavy work to an expert wedding planner, Delamere Manor’s friendly and helpful team will be able to suggest some highly acclaimed professionals to take on the incredibly important role. As they’ll have a lot of work to do in the months leading up to the wedding, it’s advisable to hire your wedding planner well in advance, giving you peace of mind knowing your ceremony is in good hands.

Choose your outfit

It’s one of the most exciting parts about getting married – choosing your bridal gown or suit is almost as much of an event as the wedding itself. Try on three or four different styles and take along the closest members of your bridal party for advice.

Don’t delay, give us a call today to take the first steps towards your unforgettable wedding at Delamere Manor.

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