How to plan a sand ceremony

A sand ceremony can be a beautiful and moving part of a wedding ceremony, but don’t worry if you haven’t heard of one before, as its origins are little known in the UK.

Thought to stem from Hawaii or Native Americans, sand ceremonies have gained in popularity due to their simplicity, and they are perfect for including existing children into the joining of two couples who have perhaps been married previously, or for couples who were unmarried before starting their family.

In a sand ceremony, the bride and groom each have their own vase or jar of differently coloured sand, and if applicable, any children of the couple join in with their own jars of uniquely coloured sand. During the sand ceremony, each member of the new couple and their children pour some of their own sand into a previously empty container, first in turn to create layers, and finally all simultaneously to create a mélange of colour, symbolising the newly formed bond between all parties.

If the couple does not have any children, a sand ceremony can be performed with just the sand of the bride and groom. Alternatively, the parents of the new couple may wish to add their own coloured sand to the jar to signify the joining of families. In a religious ceremony, it’s customary for white sand to be added at the base of the vase.

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