How to Plan a New Year’s Eve Wedding

On New Year’s Eve, people love to get dressed up and celebrate so why not give them double the reason and hold your wedding on this special date? What better way to see in a new year than with the special people in your life! If you’d love to hold your wedding on NYE, here are a few tips from the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor to make sure it goes with a bang:

1. Plan Ahead

Not only do suppliers tend to get booked up very early for New Year’s Eve but your guests in general may start to plan what they’re doing well in advance. To make sure you have the people you really care about on the RSVP list and to guarantee you have the suppliers you really want, we’d advise booking as early as possible.

2. Do Something Memorable at Midnight

For you, your whole wedding day is memorable but as this is a special day for everyone, make sure to do something unforgettable at midnight. Whether it’s a special guest appearance, confetti, Champagne or something totally out there, doing something fun will make sure it sticks in people’s minds for years to come.

3. Liaise with your Venue

If you want to hold your wedding on New Year’s Eve, the first thing to check is whether your venue will stay open until after midnight. It’s well worth having this conversation before you do anything else to make sure you’ll be there with all your guests when the countdown to midnight begins!

4. Caring for the Kids

If your wedding guest list includes children, and you’re hoping your guests will stay to see in the New Year with you, it’s important to factor in what to do with the little ones who may not be used to staying up this late. Whether you have a movie room set up with blankets so they can rest their head if they need to, or just a quiet area zoned off where they can have a snooze, this will give your adult guests peace of mind and enable them to enjoy the celebrations with you.

5. Transportation

If you’ve ever been out on New Year’s Eve you’ll know how hard it is to sort a taxi home. Take the hassle out of the equation for your guests by booking their transportation home for them.


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