How to Personalise your Wedding Reception


While selecting your theme and colour palette can be seen as personalising your wedding, many couples like to add some extra personal touches to ensure their big day stands out from the rest. The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together some top tips on how you and your partner can personalise your wedding reception, making it even more special for you as a couple…


  • Share your Favourite Foods

A great way to personalise your wedding reception is by serving your favourite foods! Whether you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, street food or maybe even late-night snacks- speak with your caterer and see how you can recreate your favourite comfort foods and incorporate them into the menu.  


  • Choreograph a Dance Routine

Add a personal touch to the dance floor at your wedding reception and choreograph your own dance routines! Whether it’s some fun steps for the father & daughter dance or involving your children in the couple’s first dance, making up a routine will not only bring something personal to your reception, but it will get everyone up on the dance floor too!


  • Honour Late Loved Ones

Although weddings are big celebrations of happiness and love, they can also feel difficult to get through when important people are no longer with us. Honour deceased loved ones with a memory wall at the reception to show how they are with you in spirit on your big day.


  • Create your Own Playlist

Music is a key ingredient for a successful wedding reception (especially if you want everyone up on the dancefloor!), so make sure the wedding playlist is right for your celebrations and create it yourself! Not only will this give you the opportunity to include a variety of sentimental songs for you and your partner, but you can also include a range of party bangers for your guests too! From songs you and your family used to enjoy when you were a child, to songs from your university days – make a playlist that’s special to all. 


  • Add Something Personal to the Seating Plan

Whether it’s personalised poems, a handwritten note, or photographs with your loved ones – adding something personal to each seat will allow you to connect with each guest in a meaningful way- they will also make great keepsakes ready for them to take home!



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