How to make a wedding child-friendly

When making wedding plans, something to consider is whether or not to allow children to attend. Children are notorious for being inappropriate at crucial moments, and for having very little patience at sitting still. However, if many of your guests are parents, you could run the risk having them cancel their attendance if their children are not invited.

Here are two tips to make the day go smoothly.

Provide an activity

Consider the ages of the children who will be attending. There’s a reason that family restaurants often provide colouring-in books and crayons for children to use while they are waiting for their meals. Almost all children love to draw, and a basic wax crayon is safe enough for virtually all ages. More importantly, it’s a quiet, stationary, solo activity, unlike balloons which have the potential to pop or float away, or handheld games consoles which can be noisy.

Get them involved

Even very young children feel special and important if they are given a particular role or job to perform. Consider asking any attending children to be flower girls or page boys, or to take part in the ceremony in some other way. Children are used to following instructions at school, or walking in single file to assemblies, so it’s likely they will behave well in a structured role.

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