How to have a ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ of your own

If you’ve seen the film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ you’ll be somewhat familiar with the concept of a large merry Greek family wedding. If you wish to honour your own Hellenic heritage, there are a number of Greek traditions you can incorporate into your own big day.

A little help from friends

The best man and maid of honour are known as the koumbaro and the koumbara. The koumbaro’s role includes shaving and dressing the groom with the aid of other close friends. Likewise, the koumbara, along with other close female friends and relatives, is expected to help the bride to dress and prepare for the wedding.

A fun Greek wedding tradition is that single females in the bridal party write their names on the bottom of the bride’s shoes. In a similar manner to catching a bridal bouquet, in Greek weddings if your name wears off the shoes during the day, you will supposedly soon be wed yourself.


Many brides like to wear a headdress or tiara during their wedding, but in Greek weddings crowns play a vital role in the wedding ceremony. Two white crowns known as Stefana crowns are placed on the heads of the bride and groom and tied together, as a symbol of their union.


Food is a big part of Greek weddings. For your Hellenic special day, you could incorporate traditional Greek dishes such as yuvetsi (meat stew) or baklava (sweet pastries) into your wedding banquet.

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