How to get the most out of your wedding budget

Perhaps you’d like to focus the majority of your budget on the venue and the dress, and would prefer to look into methods to cut costs in other areas. Here are a few ideas you could consider:

Wedding dress

It’s entirely possible to have a beautiful brand new wedding dress made to your requirements for under £100. Have a look on eBay and check out some of the dress designers. Simply submit your own body measurements and your dress is made to your size. You can take it to a local seamstress for tweaking once it arrives. Alternatively, you could wear a dress handed down from a relative, or purchase a secondhand dress that catches your eye.


Try looking at your local market to see if there is a bakery stall. Some markets have brochures of cakes that can be made to order for weddings. They are often top quality but for a fraction of the cost. Another option is to ask a close friend or relative who has skills in cake decorating to help you to spruce up a store-bought sponge cake. With the right skills, a plain supermarket cake can become a beautiful wedding cake.

If your main focus is your dream venue, then look no further than the beautiful Delamere Manor, which is one of the most stunning luxury wedding venues in Cheshire. We can help you to budget in other areas and focus on what matters the most to you. Give us a call today.

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