How to get the best winter wedding photos

While a freezing photography session isn’t exactly a fun wedding activity, couple’s wedding photos really do look great when captured in the snow! As we draw closer to the snowy season, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together their top tips on capturing beautiful wedding shots that will ensure you capture all the beauty the winter season has to offer…

1. Walk through the forest

Although this isn’t ideal if you’ve opted for a long train with your gown, a walk through the woods will give your wedding photos the perfect frosty look. Create a beautiful contrast against the blanket of snow with a colour popping flower bouquet and accessories. At Delamere Manor our beautiful grounds and lake make the perfect backdrop for your winter wedding pics!

2. Get Playful

If there’s one thing, we all enjoy about the snow, it’s playtime! Get playful with your partner and snap some photos of an impromptu snowball fight and create some snow angels. You could even take a sledge with you for a sledge ride too!

3. Enjoy a warm embrace

The chilly weather is the perfect excuse to cuddle up as a newly married couple. Take a couple of blankets along with you for your wedding photos and snap some shots with beautiful views as you snuggle up in the snow. 

4. Don’t forget the close-ups 

If the snow begins to fall as you’re snapping your wedding photos, make sure you capture all the little details! From close-up shots of kissing in the snow, to a sprinkle of snow landing on the bride’s hair, these close-ups will take your bridal portraits to another level. 

5. Bring the family

If you and your partner have children together or share a pet, let them in on the winter fun and bring them along for the snowy wedding portraits too! Not only will they make great family photos for the future, but it will make a memorable moment for you all to enjoy together on your wedding day.  

6. Take some refreshments

Whether you’re interested in cuddling up with a mug of hot chocolate with a cosy blanket or sharing a champagne toast in the snow, embrace the weather and take along some winter refreshments for you and your partner to enjoy on the shoot. 


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