How to create a beautiful couple’s video montage

It’s We Love Memoirs Day tomorrow, and everybody knows the best memories are remembered with photographs and video montages. The idea of a beautiful video montage of the happy newlywed couple, played on a large screen at the wedding reception or ceremony, doesn’t just have to be something you see in romantic films. Here’s how you can make your own heart-warming slideshow:

1. Childhood snaps

Nothing brings out the cuteness factor more than pictures of the bride and groom when they were young. This is especially poignant if the couple have known each other since they were children. The father of the bride might like to use some photos of his daughter to demonstrate how proud he is of how well his little girl has grown up.

2. Dating photos

Hopefully, the couple has lots of photos of their time together during various dates and holidays, along with all those impromptu everyday moments. If there are any photos of the proposal, these would also make an ideal addition to the slideshow.

3. Video editing

It’s easy to make a video montage more interesting by adding some romantic background music, putting decorative frames around the images and even including some poignant quotes in elegant fonts.

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