How to choose your bridesmaids

Deciding on who to choose for your wedding party is a very personal decision. It should be straightforward, but often it can be difficult to choose your bridesmaids if there are many suitable candidates, or if you’re in two minds about a particular person. Here are a few points to consider:

Wedding size

If you are inviting a significantly large number of guests to your wedding, it won’t necessarily look strange if you add a few extra bridesmaids to your wedding party. If your special day is more intimate though, with less attendees, it would be inappropriate to have more than around four or five bridesmaids, otherwise, you run the risk of having more people in the wedding party than there are guests.

Closest friends

Think very carefully about which of your friends you are genuinely closest to. Who is there for you when you really need them? A casual friend is not the same as a friend who is like a sister to you, and both don’t need to be given bridesmaid status. Be selective and stick to your dearest and most reliable friends.

Family members

Sisters are the obvious choice for bridesmaids, but you could extend that to your future sisters-in-law or first cousins if you are particularly close, or if you don’t have any sisters yourself. Don’t, however, feel obliged to include more distant family members if you already have enough bridesmaids.

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