How to cater for allergies on your wedding day

When you’re planning your wedding reception menu, it can seem like a minefield when it comes to avoiding allergy triggers. If your guest list is long, you may find that some guests are allergic to a wide variety of foods. So, what can you do to ensure that your friends and family can enjoy the delicious delicacies on offer safely?

Ask in advance

If you’re having a multi-course plated dinner, it’s easy to include a menu with your wedding invitation, which will enable your guests to choose their dishes in advance. Be sure to enclose an allergen list with the menu, so guests with allergies can select the most suitable meals to suit their requirements.

Avoid trigger foods

If you’re planning a buffet at your wedding, the safest option is to prepare selection of foods that don’t contain any of the most common causes of anaphylaxis, such as seafood, nuts, sesame seeds, beans and legumes, wheat, milk, eggs, celery and soy. Don’t forget about lactose or glucose intolerances either. This will ensure your guests can help themselves to every dish available without concern.

Hire a suitable caterer

A great caterer will be able to plan a wedding menu that will accommodate any guests with allergies. Delamere Manor’s award-winning caterers, Cheeky Chilli Events, have years of experience, and they are well-versed at preparing top-quality dishes with the highest level of safety.

To book your big day at one of the leading Tarporley wedding venues, get in touch with Delamere Manor’s event planning team today.

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