How to calm your nerves before the big day

It’s understandable to be nervous before your wedding day – but don’t worry, there are some great ways to calm your butterflies and quell the pre-wedding anxiety. Here are a few ideas:


The best way to ensure that you have nothing left to worry about on your big day is to be vigilant about organisation during your preparation period. If this is something you struggle with, try enlisting a wedding planner to take care of the fine details. You don’t want to be running around chasing vendors at the last minute, as that will cause your stress levels to elevate, so make sure everything is in place well in advance.

Winding down

The night before the wedding is likely when your nerves will be at their most tense. This is a great time to try to wind down and relax. There’s nothing left to prepare, so allow yourself the luxury of a candle-lit bubble bath, a soothing drink and a quiet, calm evening. Try to aim for eight hours of sleep too.


Meditation and positive visualisation can help a nervous bride or groom to feel calmer and more ready to face the big day itself. Concentrate on slow and steady deep breathing, as this will take your focus away from your anxiety.

Here at Delamere Manor, we’ll ensure your wedding is as stress-free as possible. If you’re looking for top Tarporley wedding venues, give us a call to book your special day.

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