How to bring digital elements to your wedding

Today, we’re in the era of technology, and what better way to capture your special day than by digitising it for posterity? Far from being intrusive, many couples are turning to digital elements to fill in the gaps in their wedding that may require some technical intervention.

Technology is also particularly useful if you find there are last minute guest attendance dropouts, or if you’re having a smaller wedding than you initially imagined. Here are a few ways in which digital elements can be brought to your wedding, and how they can be used:


As many couples face the prospect of having to downsize their weddings, the obvious solution to ensuring that your nearest and dearest can all attend the ceremony is to livestream the event via Zoom, or other video conferencing software. Being asked to attend a Zoom wedding is convenient for family members who may not be able to travel, and it ensures that your wedding conforms to guest limit numbers. Simply erect a large screen and ask your absent guests to connect via video link. Zoom can host up to 1,000 users simultaneously, so it’s also a great option for couples with particularly extensive families who may not all fit into the venue.


If a crucial member of the wedding party is unable to attend at the last minute – for example, the best man – this could cause a few complications. You might be wondering how the all-important speeches will be able to take place during the reception. Digital technology can come to the rescue, as you can arrange for speeches to be read out via live video link, televised from the speaker’s own home. It might even be a practical idea to ask all members of the wedding party who were due to read speeches to pre-record their performance prior to the wedding, so that it can be played back on the big day in cases of illness that would prevent them from speaking live.


Hiring videographers to film wedding ceremonies has increased in popularity in recent years. Many couples like to have video footage of their big day to look back on, and the best way to do so is via digital videography. The high-definition cameras ensure that the quality of the recording never falters, and there are many ways in which the video can be edited post-production. You might opt to have music added to the background, and any imperfections can be digitally removed with clever computer software. It’s the perfect souvenir of your perfect day.


Most people are familiar with digital photography these days. The technology within cameras has come a long way over the past few decades, and if you’re hiring a photographer for your wedding day, the chances are they will be using a digital camera. Digital photographs can be edited to make you look your best, and you can have the photos arranged into a beautiful montage complete with soundtrack and added graphics.

Have a chat with your wedding planner to discuss how you would like to incorporate digital elements into your wedding to ensure that you and your guests have a fantastic day.

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