How to ask politely for a wedding gift in your wedding invitations

Some couples can feel embarrassed when asking for wedding gifts from their guests, but it’s important to remember that not all couples need the traditional wedding gift items. So, how do you ask politely for something you do need? The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together some invitation gift wording examples for you to use in your wedding invitations, helping you ask politely for something that you and your partner actually want…

Remember, it’s important to give your guests options. Even if you need help with your honeymoon fund, it’s important to include a list of gift items too. Although some guests are happy to give out cash, some would rather give you a keepsake for your married life instead.

1. Wedding Rhymes

An easy way to soften the ask is by requesting for your gifts in a rhyme. Here are some examples:

If you’re thinking of giving a gift, 

To help us on our way,

A gift of cash towards our honeymoon, 

Would really make our day!

As you will know our only request,

Is to have you with us as our wedding guest.

But if giving a gift is something you insist,

Here you will find our wedding gift list…

As we’ve lived together for a year or two, 

We really don’t need anything new,

But if you were thinking of getting us a gift,

Some money for a holiday wouldn’t go a miss!

2. Gift Wording Examples

While rhyming can be fun, you can always go in a more direct approach with a sincere tone instead:

Your presence at our wedding is more important to us than presents! However, if you would like to buy a gift, we have a list of options (here). 

While your presence is present enough, helping us create our future together would be greatly appreciated. You can find our gift list (here). 

We can’t wait for you to be there as we tie the knot! If you’d like us to start our married life off with a gift, you can find some suggestions (here). 


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