How the Delamere Manor team deliver the dream wedding day

When you book Delamere Manor for your big day, you don’t just get the stunning scenery and beautiful backdrop of one of the most spectacular wedding venues in Cheshire.

You also get the expertise and attention of every member of our team of wedding planning experts, to help you arrange your ceremony and reception down to the tiniest detail.

The Delamere Manor team is here to deliver the dream wedding day you deserve, in the fairytale surroundings of our stately home, landscaped gardens, rolling lawns and six-acre lake.

So who are the people who put their passion into making your wedding day perfect?


Michelle Stubbs

Michelle is lucky enough to call Delamere Manor home, but because she travels a lot, she originally listed the house as a holiday let.

When so many of her guests asked about the possibility of getting married in the house and grounds, Michelle made it happen – creating a truly breathtaking Cheshire wedding day venue.

Dale McNally

Dale is our Customer Relations Director and a face you’ll know well by the time your big day arrives.

He also gets the privilege of being there when our happy couples get to see the preparations we have made for their ceremony or reception – a reaction that the bride and groom also get to experience while watching guests arrive on the day itself.

Joy Hitchen

Events Manager Joy Hitchen has the challenging role of making every moment of your day memorable, from the photo opportunities to the ceremony and celebrations.

It’s a role that demands genuine personal passion – right down to lighting the candles that set the scene, which Joy can often be found doing single-handedly just before the guests start to arrive.

Donna Courtney

House Manager Donna Courtney is responsible for making Delamere Manor a welcoming and comfortable place for the bride, groom and guests during your stay here.

Her role is to present the premises at their very best, and this is especially true on wedding days, when Donna works hard to ensure that the only ‘hitch’ that happens during your day is the one between bride and groom.

Gemma McTigue

Gemma is our Financial Controller and responsible for keeping Delamere Manor running by the books – keeping us on budget so we can provide the very best value to our wedding parties.

They say it takes a village to raise a child – and the same is true of delivering the dream wedding day!

You can find out more about each of our team members on our Meet The Team page, give us a call or arrange a viewing of Delamere Manor for a first-hand experience of this meticulously and passionately presented Cheshire wedding venue.

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