How Delamere Manor caters for same sex marriages

It’s Coming Out Day tomorrow, and here at Delamere Manor, we love to celebrate love in all forms. If you’re looking for luxury wedding venues in Cheshire to hold your same sex wedding, look no further than Delamere Manor, as we can help to tailor your special day to your requirements.

Natural lighting

Delamere Manor is famous for its extensive grounds and stunning picturesque scenery. One of the best things about the great outdoors is that your photographer can work with natural lighting, which is terrific for a dual groom wedding where both men have chosen to wear different suits – the subtle colours and textures of the two outfits will show up beautifully in snaps of your special day.

Aisle customisation

The dedicated wedding planning team at Delamere Manor understands that sometimes, two brides require two aisles. With some pre-planning, we can arrange separate aisles for both brides to be able to make their grand entrances simultaneously, before meeting together at the front altar.

A unique day

We want you to have a special day that reflects you both in the best possible way. The LGBTQ+ rainbow is a symbol of love and acceptance, so why not let our wedding planners help you to organise a colourful array of menu items, and multicoloured decor and floral arrangements for your wedding day?

Give Delamere Manor a ring today to book our beautiful venue, and let us help you arrange your same sex wedding.

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