Handheld Desserts for Every Wedding Reception


Not a fan of the traditional wedding cake? We’ve got you covered! From doughnuts and chocolate to cookies and macaroons, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together a list of their favourite mini handheld desserts, proving bite-sized treats are the perfect addition to your special day… 


  • Doughnuts

Whether you want them displayed in a tower, on a wall or as favours for your guests, wedding doughnuts make a delicious alternative to a slice of wedding cake at the wedding reception. Make sure to cater for all with classic and vegan flavours too. 


  • Ice-cream Sandwiches

If you’re looking to add something refreshing to your spring/summer celebrations, ice-cream sandwiches are a great addition to help cool down your guests. With a variety of cookie and ice-cream flavours available, you can provide something to tantalise every guest’s tastebuds. 


  • Macaroons

Available in a variety of colours and flavours, macaroons are a great choice when it comes to complimenting your chosen colour scheme. Put together an eye-catching display on a platter or build a tower of these easy-to-eat treats to make them handy for guests to grab and try.


  • Chocolate Bars

Looking to add a personal touch to your mini desserts? Opt for personalised chocolate bars! With a variety of flavours available to choose from, decorate each bar with edible flowers and sweets and finish with a custom label. The wrappers will make a great keepsake for guests to take home too! 


  • Mini Tarts

From fruit tarts and lemon tarts to berry tarts and chocolate tarts, whatever the flavours of the season, you will be able to find a mini tart to suit your wedding theme. Make sure to display them in a beautiful arrangement with complimentary decorations to make them really stand out on your dessert table. 


  • Cake Pops

If you’d like to keep the wedding cake tradition but are interested in something more portable for guests, opt for cake pops or cakesicles! Available in any cake flavour and frosting, dip in a scrumptious chocolate of your choice so you can add decorations to compliment your theme. 



Delamere Manor is Cheshire’s most sought-after wedding venue. To find out more, including availability for 2022 weddings, get in touch with the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor on 01606 261361 or email us at [email protected]

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