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As hairdressers reopen today here are our top bridal hair tips.

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for – today salons and barbers reopen and the country will once again be able to leave the house happy with their hair! And for couples on a countdown to their wedding, planning that bridal hairstyle can now really start to pick up momentum, with the ability to book in cuts, colours and trials. 

To make the process seamless and stress free, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have put together our top bridal hair tips to help you plan for your big day.

Don’t book your hair trial too early

While you may be incredibly excited and want to check the style you’ve chosen is going to work on your hair, we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before your wedding to have your hair trial. If you book much further ahead, you may start to second guess your look and by then, you will have decided on your flowers and accessories and can be confident the style you’ve chosen complements the rest of your look.

Try to choose more than one inspiration photo

You may have seen THE picture, the one you’re convinced is perfect for you. But it’s important to remember that it may not be possible to recreate that exact look on your hair. Rather than finding just one picture, have a selection of images that represent the style you’re going for and show the hairdresser what you like about each image.

Book a haircut one month before the big day

You want your hair to look its best and by having it cut a month before, it will give it time to settle, and if it was a little too short, time to grow back. Try to steer away from any drastic changes to your hair at this appointment – while a change in style can look wonderful, it can also disappoint and isn’t a risk worth taking.

Health for your hair

If there’s still a few months to go before your wedding and you think your hair is looking a little lacklustre, taking a daily vitamin with biotin can really make a difference.

Have faith in your own ideas

If you’ve found a look you like, you may be tempted to share it with your friends and family, to see if they agree with your choice. While it’s definitely sensible to ask a few close friends, avoid asking too many as you may find the differing opinions confusing and stressful.

Enjoy the process!

While making the final decision on what hairstyle to go for, try not to get too stressed about it – trust in your own thought processes and trust your hairdresser – they won’t let you choose a style that isn’t right for you. Ultimately enjoy the process and have confidence that you’re going to have tresses to impress on your big day!


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