Guide to penning a memorable father of the bride’s speech

The father of the bride is a very special role. It’s an emotional time for any father, as most dads think of their daughters as their little girls no matter how old they are. As it’s Professional Speakers Day today, we’ve put together this guide with a few tips you might like to consider for your speech:

1. Jokes

Don’t make too many wise-cracks – that sort of content is better left to the best man. A couple of amusing anecdotes may raise some smiles, but excessive humour isn’t really essential in the father of the bride’s speech, and you may see a few eyes rolling if you resort to cheesy ‘dad jokes’.

2. Acknowledgements

Be sure to welcome guests to the wedding and to make the relevant thanks to the bride’s mother for her role in raising your daughter. If you are no longer together, put aside any personal grudges for the sake of your daughter’s special day. Take the time to acknowledge the groom’s parents, but keep it brief yet friendly if you don’t know them very well.

3. Emotion

Speak from your heart, and let the love you feel for your daughter shine through. Pay tribute to how proud you are of her, and welcome your new son-in-law into the family with warmth.

If you really don’t feel confident writing your own speech, there are some services online that will write a speech for you. Here at Delamere Manor, one of the top Northwich wedding venues, our staff can chat to you about your speech whilst we help your daughter prepare for her big day. Call us today to discuss what our venue has to offer.

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