Great ways to get in shape before your big day

Most brides like to look and feel their healthiest before their big day, and there are a number of great ways to get in shape before you put on your wedding gown and walk down the aisle. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Mix cardio and weight training

The best way to lose a few pounds and tone up simultaneously is to alternate cardio-based exercises, such as running, cycling or skipping, with strength training like push ups, planks, and squats. These two types of exercises complement each other and will enable you to be on top form for your special day.

Drink water

If you haven’t upped your water intake yet, the run up to your wedding is a great time to start, as drinking water is extremely beneficial to the system. Not only can drinking water aid weight loss by reducing sugar cravings and boosting your metabolism, it can also improve your skin in a variety of ways, so you’ll look radiant and beautiful on your wedding day. Squeeze a splash of lemon into your water for an added collagen boost or try a dash of cinnamon for spot prevention.

Watch what you eat

The old adage of “you are what you eat” rings true. Cut out the junk food in the run up to your wedding day and try to eat plenty of fresh vegetables. Watch those hidden calories in sauces and sugary carbonated drinks too.

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